Extra Services

Extra Services: Call for pricing
Head light restoration $80 guaranteed for 3 years
Odor removal $75 only guaranteed with interior detail
Carpet and leather dying call for estimate
Exterior vinyl and trim restoration
Carpet and upholstery fabric guard protectant
Convertable top UV and water repellant application
Rainex application
Over spray removal starting at $200
Paintless dent removal
All Vinyl (interior & exterior) and Trim protected with UV treatment
All leather treated with a water based non silicone UV blocking conditioner

Exterior services
Simple polish: Pricing starts at $300
** 1-3 hours
1. Hand wash and dry
2. Paint is clayed to remove all dirt and sediment in the pores of the paint
3. One step finishing polish.
4. Sealed with six month synthetic polymer.
Paint correction: Call for estimate (Pricing starts at $450)
** 6-12 hours
1. Correct acid rain, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, "spider webs", and holagrams
2. Includes 4 step process - clay bar, compound, polish, and seal